Wednesday, October 28, 2020

PRO SESSION (API): A Blockchain-powered Full Stack Citizen Photo Journalism
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Shiva Kintali
Shiva Kintali
True Dat, Founder & CEO

Everyday thousands of people are bullied, blackmailed, silenced and scammed online using fake photos, fake videos and misinformation. It is getting easier to (i) selectively edit photos, videos and audio, (ii) manipulate metadata of media content and (iii) even generate fully artificial videos (Eg: deepfakes). Fakes are used to spread misinformation and create socio-economic and political chaos. This is leading us towards a post-truth dystopia. Also, sometimes malicious people falsely accuse genuine videos (or photos, audio) as fakes, to promote their self-interests.

In this talk, I will present an implementation of a Blockchain-powered 'truth machine' (a mobile app) to enable a global borderless decentralized citizen photo journalism. Our technology incentivizes the spread of truth and controls misinformation before it spreads. Our app lets anyone create, share, buy, sell and trade cryptographically-signed verifiable photos and videos. The users may choose to be anonymous, pseudonymous or use their real identities.

Our Blockchain securely tracks the provenance of the photos and provides a verifiable certificate to prove that they are not fake or photoshopped or deepfaked. The digital rights of the photos are tracked using our blockchain and transferred seamlessly and securely using smart contracts, thus enabling a full-stack photo journalism platform.