Tuesday, October 27, 2020

PRO WORKSHOP (API): How to Build Easily Integratable APIs
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Shweta Sabne
Shweta Sabne
Shutterstock, Software Engineer

Integrating into an API is not always as easy for partners as it can be. Shutterstock’s API was built to provide easy access to the company’s content and technologies so that partners such as Facebook, Google and IBM can leverage it in their own their platforms. The goal is to ultimately drive business results for partners by making user workflows frictionless and providing flexibility for developers. In this session, learn the tools and solutions that allow partners to easily plug into your content and provide a seamless experience to their users. Shweta will discuss using modern technologies and API standards such as OpenAPI, building sandboxes, auto generating SDKs, and self-documentation to allow for efficient integration and faster results.