Wednesday, October 28, 2020

OPEN TALK (API): KYD: Know Your Developer
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Tanya Vlahovic
Tanya Vlahovic
eBay, Distinguished Architect and Head of Developer Ecosystem

The vision of any API program is to deliver a world-class developer experience that enables partners to be inventive, provide their users with fantastic experience, and propel their business into the future. APIs are everywhere nowadays, allowing organizations to connect with the world digitally. Developers come in all shapes and sizes. They combine building blocks that organizations provide in a unique way. So, API consumers are instrumental in shaping APIs. The API providers and the API consumers share the success. It is crucial for organizations to have visibility into the way developers use their capabilities. By doing this, API providers can assess the value the APIs bring and understand benefits coming from third-party integrations. This talk is meant for technical people involved in creating interfaces that empower 3rd party developers as well as API evangelists. Well-designed and managed APIs that developers love are true elements of success.