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OPEN TALK (API): Developing and Testing APIs With Ease in Your Local IDE

Venky Ganti
Mesh Dynamics, CEO

Venky aspires to help development teams to spend most of their time in creating new business value rather than on various types of debugging & testing during the software development and deployment lifecycle. Prior to Mesh Dynamics, he was a co-founder of Alation which created the Data Catalog product category. While at Google and at Microsoft Research, he initiated and productized several projects.

Microservices developers are slowed down by the friction in debugging and testing API interactions with other services. We first highlight problems with common approaches such as spinning up dev clusters or manually creating API mocks. We then illustrate how to overcome these issues with an approach that enables developers to debug and test all API interactions locally in their IDE. Mesh Dynamics product realizes this approach and gives developers the flexibility of using a mix of rich auto-created API mocks or live services.