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PRO SESSION (API): API Security Top Threats - Secure SDLC & Shift-Left

Intesar Shannan Mohammed
apisec, CTO & Co-founder

Intesar Shannan Mohammed is a serial entrepreneur and cybersecurity researcher with extensive experience in API security, cloud, and containers. He is the CTO & Co-founder of apisec inc. an API security company that allows enterprises to detect and remediate vulnerabilities in the API layer. He successfully co-founded and led DCHQ, cloud management, and container orchestration company, to a successful acquisition. He held leadership roles at HyperGrid and VMware. Intesar has four granted patents in cloud and security domain and holds a bachelors and master degrees in computer science from JNT University, DePaul University.

According to Gartner, APIs now account for over 40% of web/mobile application attack surface. Most API vulnerabilities come from business-logic, role-configuration, and other non-conventional flaws.
This session will go over the top vulnerabilities in APIs and build an automated & continuous API security testing strategy. The Shift-Left/DevSecOps strategy will deliver secure and faster releases while significantly reducing manual and penetration testing security costs.