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PRO SESSION (API): Car APIs Are Taking Over Mobility

Sanketh Katta
Smartcar, CTO & Co-Founder

Sanketh Katta is the CTO and co-founder of Smartcar is a Mountain View based startup building an API platform for connected cars. Sanketh graduated from UC Berkeley and previously worked on LinkedIn's data science team. Sanketh is passionate about empowering developers to create new experiences for connected car owners. Outside of Smartcar, he is a closet astrophysicist, and a regular at Corgi Con.

There is no easy way to connect to vehicles without hardware. It is difficult because of how the mobility landscape is structured. Innovation is getting faster and at Smartcar we are opening the gates with our APIs for developers building mobility applications and companies. During this session, we will show how we can now and forever connect to cars with a live demo of Smartcar’s API.