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PRO SESSION (API): Why and How to Use Conversational Intelligence APIs in Your Business

Toshish Jawale, CTO

Toshish Jawale is co-founder and CTO of He drives and executes Symbl’s cutting-edge technology roadmap overlaid with business value for developers and enterprises built on a foundation of contextual conversation intelligence. Prior to Symbl, he spent over a decade building from the ground up enterprise-grade intelligence systems at Amdocs. With deep industry expertise in NLP and AI Systems, Toshish focuses on augmenting conversational workflows for telco users in particular. In addition to his work and travels, Toshish enjoys researching space travel and playing his keyboard.

Conversational intelligence technology is changing the way knowledge workers operate. In this session, we’ll walk through the rapidly evolving technology frameworks available for adding intelligence to your own B2B products, typical use cases, and experiences - be that on-demand virtual assistants to always-on intelligence; as well as real-time and post conversation summaries.

Symbl is building a new category of Voice Tech Infrastructure that enables existing platforms to add market-leading functionality to your product quickly. You will leave with a clear understanding of the value proposition, the APIs that solve the challenges, and the capabilities that will transform conversational data into business advantage for your customers. We’ll walk through the code live as we cover the intelligence layer so you can see it in action.