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PRO SESSION (MICROSERVICES): Making a Mesh of the Infrastructure

Pete Brown
AutoZone, Network Engineer

Pete has supported various functional areas of infrastructure for around 20 years. He is a proponent of democratizing access to infrastructure data in order to promote learning, facilitate better decision making and reduce reliance on tribal knowledge. He enjoys studying and occasionally customizing vendor provided APIs.

His hobbies include creating free tools for his fellow engineers and speaking on a variety of topics at local tech meetings. When he's not working on a project, he can be found serving as a chauffeur/mediator/sparring partner for his five daughters.

Service meshes normally target the application space, but they can be used to great effect for sources within the infrastructure. We will explore the concept of implementing a service mesh for interacting with infrastructure sources using a declarative resource protocol. This approach provides users with a single mechanism for executing RPC calls and pub/sub operations as well as accessing object class definitions across products from various vendors.