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PRO SESSION (MICROSERVICES): Waking up in the Weeds of Microservices? How to Diagnose Your First Bug

Muktesh Mishra
Adobe, Senior Software Engineer

Muktesh is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer for Adobe. He is an open-source contributor to 20+ projects and enjoys programming in polyglot. Primarily he is more interested and contributes to Microservices, Cloud, Containerization, Architectures and distributed systems, however lately his focus shifted on a lot of automation and machine learning as well. In his free time, he likes photography, solving coding challenges, learning from online resources and cooking. He is a conference junkie (attended multiple conferences) and spoken in various conferences as well (Java One, GDG Conf, InMemory Summit, API Strategy Conference, Docker Con to name a few). He is heavily involved in the development and teaching people in various communities (Apache Groups, OpenSource Forums, Docker Mentoring and Java User groups). He has started Sunnyvale Java User group and NorCal Java User group. In his own words,” I am a distinguished engineer, with ::: willingness to learn and curious to know::: attitude. I can code, cook, cheer and care. In short, “nothing special but passionately curious” is my jam”.

You invest your time and effort breaking up that monolithic Frankenstein into a suite of elegant composable micro-services, you containerize them and you deploy them somewhere in the cloud. Then you proudly watch it all come together reaping the benefits of the most scalable architectures. It is all fine and dandy from this point on. Too good to be true? Of course! This session is about what to do when you wake up to find yourself in the weeds diagnosing that first bug and tracing calls through the convoluted web of micro-services of your own doing. Through a series of demos and code snippets, we will introduce the most important open-source projects tools to strike the right balance of monitoring at the infrastructure, container, and services.