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PRO WORKSHOP (MICROSERVICES): Business Value of App Modernization Through Containers

Sunil Joshi
IBM, CTO, Cloud Application Services

Sunil is a Distinguished Engineer with IBM. He is currently CTO for North America Cloud Application Services. Sunil is a regular speaker in the industry around cloud, DevOps, digital transformation and related concepts.
Sunil's specialization are in the areas of hybrid cloud solutions, platform as a service and DevOps strategy. He's created complex hybrid solutions on cloud and DevOps for large enterprises. Sunil has authored several IBM Redbooks, blogs and Articles.
Sunil is passionate about international music, multi-cultural cuisine, active sports and mentoring school & college students on career path and technology.

Application modernization for higher agility and cost optimization has become table stakes for enterprises to be competitive. One of the most common patterns to accomplish that is through containerization. Container platforms have become an integral part of any Hybrid Cloud IT landscape. They accelerate the multi cloud adoption in enterprises. Containers can be deployed in any cloud (IBM, AWS, Azure, Google) or on-premise. In fact, most of the public clouds have Container platforms as Service.
The question, what are the relevant KPIs and measures to keep in mind when moving from a traditional development to the container world. How do you know your App modernization strategy through containers is working? This session will discuss these questions and others to provoke thinking among the business and technical executives