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PRO WORKSHOP(API): Case Study on How Cities Can Provide a Full-Service Citizen Experience

Ajay Joshi
City of Phoenix, Deputy Chief Information Officer (DCIO), Enterprise Applications Division

Ajay Joshi is currently responsible for managing and supporting all enterprise applications for the City of Phoenix. They include SAP, PeopleSoft, SharePoint, CRM and web . Prior to managing Enterprise Applications, Ajay was the DCIO for the Phoenix Police Department and supported the department’s technology. He was responsible for all mission critical systems such as 911, Computer Aided Dispatch, RMS, Communications, email and all security and networking infrastructure essential to support the 24x7 operations of the Police Department. He was responsible for the implementations of one of the largest RMS systems in the nation.
Ajay has extensive experience and a proven track record in a wide range of Fortune 500 Corporations and public sector agencies. He has worked in semiconductor processing in Intel, Robotics and Automation in General Motors Tech Center, Principal Engineer responsible for hard drive manufacturing at Digital Equipment Corporation and numerous international factory implementations as the Software Engineering Manager for TRW’s Global Information Technology Division.

By extensive use of APIs to a myriad of back-end citizen service applications, municipalities can provide a full-service, round-trip, 24x7 experience and resolution to all customer requests for service. Whether it be a Water start/stop, bill payment, trash collection, library book request, fire inspection or a police non-emergency request, APIs can revolutionize the entire resident service request fulfillment, by municipalities, via a single customer facing portal.ent