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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

PRO SESSION (API): Designing Embedded Platforms: Lessons From Industry Success & Failure
Jeremy Glassenberg
Jeremy Glassenberg
Deserve, Director of Product, Platform

As popular web services extend their developer platforms for partners to integrate directly into their interfaces, design trends are forming from experiences in the world of embedded integrations. With Google Drive connecting tools like Balsamiq and ShiftEdit, Gmail enabling Docusign in their web and mobile UI, and Trello’s PowerUps, custom experiences powered by third parties are proving themselves to be a great way to improve one’s product and grow your business.

After analyzing over 10 years of experiments in this space, seeing past failures and current successes, we can identify what works from successful and unsuccessful platforms, what trends are working, and what UX and technical considerations are needed to launch your own successful embedded integration plan.