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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

(API): Implement Full Lifecycle API Management Solution Using Open Source Products
Manav Kumar
Manav Kumar
Red Hat, Manav Kumar Senior Solutions Architect, Emerging Technology

An application programming interface (API)-centric design approach is becoming increasingly popular across industries. Enterprises are unlocking standalone applications and exposing legacy services to share data across different lines of business (LOBs) by using an API management platform (AMP), built with security in mind. AMP allows providers to efficiently release legacy data and share with consumers internally and externally. API providers can rest assured given this API management platform has been built for enterprise security and API governance.

In this webinar, I will discuss and demonstrate the following topics to illustrate how enterprises can use AMP to share the legacy and new services while controlling and monitoring a portfolio of APIs.

Benefit/Value of APIs
Discuss API life-cycle management
Discuss API-first design approach
Design API using API designer
Build and deploy your APIs
Control your APIs via usage policies
Operation your APIs via monitoring, analytics, reporting, and billing
Engage with developers through Developer Portal and interactive API documentation
Make your APIs available via API discovery