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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

PRO WORKSHOP (API): Design and Build Great APIs
Mike Amundsen
Mike Amundsen
amundsen.com, author and speaker

Creating APIs is more than just writing reading some docs and writing code. Your API is the interface developers use to access and take advantage of your company's services. And that developer experience (DX) deserves to be first-class whether you are dealing with important third-party devlopers, key partners, or just other teams within your own organization.

This workshop covers the basics of both designing and building APIs through the use of a series of handy command-line tools and existing services and open source tools. You'll learn about API-First design, using diagrams to map out your APIs, and API definition languages like Swagger and others to document your APIs. You'll also learn how to use NodeJS and the Sketch-Prototype-Build pattern to implement the right API design quickly and safely. And, finally, you'll learn how to use automated testing and deployment to get your API up and running on public servers.

Good design and implementation can reduce errors, improve API adoption rates, and contribute to the bottom line. Whether you are an experienced API developers looking to sharpen your skills or you new to APIs and want to start learning, this workshop will help you in your effort to design and build great APIs.