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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

OPEN TALK (API): From APIs to Applications: Gaining Control of Cloud-Native Apps
Przemek Kulik
Przemek Kulik
Software AG, Senior Director of Product Management

Running applications in a distributed cloud architecture poses new challenges in operational complexity, some of which are addressed by service mesh and other network-level tools. But these tools lack the awareness needed to manage your services and APIs as business applications. Modern apps need to understand consumers to optimize and personalize product delivery. They need to track usage and model behavior. And they need to provide advanced user authorization while also protecting private data.

During this live demo, learn how you can:

-Leverage an API gateway as a central control plane to manage application-level policies and service meshes
-Transform a microservice into an API that can be governed and shared
-Use microgateways to do low-code context-aware transformation, orchestration and routing
-Gain deep visibility into the behavior of an app and its users to drive the product roadmap and improve real-time user targeting