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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

OPEN TALK (API): How to Easily Secure and Build GraphQL APIs
Matt Tanner
Matt Tanner
Tyk, Product Evangelist

Adopting GraphQL is not without its pitfalls. Concerns about security, performance, separation of concerns, and how teams can independently develop their GraphQL APIs are all still valid today. Many of the challenges which have been long-solved and deemed best-practice with REST are still in their infancy with GraphQL.

This was the start of Tyk’s journey - How to go about enabling organisations to build and safely ship their GraphQL APIs. But as we delved deeper down the rabbit hole, gaining constant feedback from clients as we iterated, we realised that we were enabling so much more.

What we created was a 2-fold approach: enabling developers to secure and augment their existing GraphQL services and introducing our Universal Data Graph to enable users to actually build new GraphQL endpoints.

So if you are a CTO, CIO, API Product Manager, or an Engineer, researching how GraphQL can enable your business & platform team. Join Matt Tanner as he arms you with practical considerations for securing your GraphQL APIs, and to drive GraphQL adoption in your organization using Tyk’s Universal Data Graph.