Wednesday, October 27, 2021

PRO TALK (API): API Federation: Growing Scalable API Landscapes
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Antonio Garrote
Antonio Garrote
MuleSoft, a Salesforce Company, Principal Architect

Adoption of API centric cloud platforms in general and microservices, in particular, introduces great engineering benefits for organizations in terms of runtime scalability, agility, autonomy and reuse but growing API landscapes can also become increasingly difficult to manage and evolve as the number of services and teams creating them increases.API Federation, as a strategic architectural pattern, can be a key element on the API strategy of a company to deal with the complexity that the adoption of APIs at scale introduces and provide an essential tool to manage the long term evolution of a healthy and consistent API landscape without sacrificing the benefits of agility and autonomy that a service-oriented approach introduce.In this talk we will review API Federation from the conceptual, technical, operational and API productization points of view, clarifying some of the misconceptions about the relationship of API federation with specific technologies like GraphQL or data management concepts like canonical schemas, and using our experience introducing API Federation inside Salesforce and partnering with our customers releasing API Federation as a commercial product in MuleSoft.