Wednesday, October 27, 2021

OPEN TALK (AI): The New ML Workflows and Kubernetes Operating Efficiencies in Kubeflow 1.4
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Josh Bottum
Josh Bottum
Arrikto, Kubeflow Community Product Manager and VP

Kubeflow is a popular open source project that delivers a composable software foundation for those who need to build and maintain a scalable ML platform with best-in-class KPIs. This presentation and demonstration will review the streamlined ML workflows and simplified operating patterns in Kubeflow 1.4, which is the Community's 11th release since 2018. In this session, Josh Bottum, who is a Kubeflow Community Product Manager, will lead a review of the latest end-to-end machine learning workflows and discuss how market leaders are using Kubeflow to deliver their ML platforms with native Kubernetes efficiencies and portability.