Wednesday, October 27, 2021

OPEN TALK (API): Managing Asynchronous APIs
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Lasantha Samarakoon
Lasantha Samarakoon
WSO2, Associate Technical Lead

Polling-based APIs or the RESTful APIs were the main building blocks of traditional integration stories. But with the need to respond to events in real-time, integration architecture has shifted from being polling-based to event-driven. With the emergence of reactive event-driven architecture, the asynchronous APIs were able to hold their distinct position in modern-day integrations.
Even though the event-driven APIs provide their own advantages such as high resiliency, high responsiveness, and more, management of asynchronous APIs continues to be a challenge to the organizations.
The Async API specification plays a major role in the event-driven world by providing a specification to describe and document the asynchronous APIs. This session will explore the entire flow from creating an asynchronous API to exposing it as a managed API by adhering to the Async API specification.