Wednesday, October 27, 2021

OPEN TALK (AI): Plugin AI & NLP into Your Agile Program Management to Get a Wealth of Information
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Rohit Sinha
Rohit Sinha
Excellarate, Director of Product Development

The Agile Metrics are important to track the health of your projects. They help in tracking the project progress. There are other advanced metrics equally important, like Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, and Innovation? Tracking these statistics many times is not easy and straightforward.Did you ever think of applying AI (Artificial Intelligence) to measure these and come up with actionable evidence? The AI-powered with NLP (Natural language Processing) and statistical models not just help in getting a good project insight, it can also help in course corrections, and increase the rate of project success. It can help companies to understand their core strengths, weaknesses, and how to position themselves in the market.Rohit will talk and demonstrate how you can digitally transform your Agile Program Management with AI and NLP. How it enables organizations to take proactive measures that not only make projects successful but also help companies stay competitive and thrive in the market.