Tuesday, October 26, 2021

PRO TALK (AI): How Artificial Intelligence Will Redefine the Leadership in the Software Management Indus
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Samah Alafeef
Samah Alafeef
Metanoia Training and Consulting, Founder and CEO

I do believe that today’s business leaders will need to radically change the way they lead and manage teams within their organizations as AI affects all business sectors. Successful leadership will not be driven by the same fundamental ‘human’ traits and characteristics we see in influential, successful leaders today anymore. Leaders in the Artificial Intelligence age need to be more open and willing to learn and seek input and knowledge from everyone within the hierarchy of the organization, regardless of their role. Effective and wise leaders in the age of Artificial Intelligence already recognize that some of the most valuable contributions and ideas for AI implementation may come from employees with much less experience than themselves. Leaders need to also create and foster a strong culture of innovation within their teams and be ready to respond to any technological opportunities and threats as they appear. Being able to effectively communicate the opinions of the team members to relevant stakeholders and being flexible enough to quickly adapt, as required, in this new ‘as yet unwritten’ era of commerce, should be perceived as key strengths that will certainly improve their commercial decision making. In this session, I will engage the audience in new ideas about the human traits and characteristics of successful leadership in the era of AI and Machine learning.