Wednesday, October 27, 2021

OPEN TALK (API): Why Social Engagement APIs Are Essential to Your KPIs
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Shailesh Nalawadi
Shailesh Nalawadi
Sendbird, Head of Product

The acceleration of digital transformation in the past year brought on by the pandemic means more services and transactions are taking place online than ever before. While digitizing processes adds convenience and efficiency to the process, it’s not enough to remain relevant with your users. As more transactions shift online, so should the social interactions around those transactions. It’s not just about adding social features. It’s about embedding a social layer where social is wired into the DNA of your product. This may sound like it requires a time-consuming overhaul of your app or existing product, but it doesn’t have to. Today’s API ecosystem makes it surprisingly fast and easy to implement a rich social experience within your application. In this session, Shailesh Nalawadi will present how companies across several industries have improved KPIs by developing a social engagement layer with chat, voice and video APIs