FEATURED TALK: (AI): Responsible AI into Practice - Deliver Trust in Artificial Intelligence Solution

Sweta Sinha
Ascend Learning, Director of Data Science

Sweta Sinha is a technologist and data evangelist who helps businesses make evidence based decision by gaining insight form data. In her current position as Director of Data Science at Ascend Learning (group of health care related EdTech organizations), she provides thought leadership and strategic initiative to the Business leaders to create new products and new business model. She has established and leads AI Center of Excellence and strives to create human-centric AI systems.

AI has been a key driver in innovation in every industry Organizations have ramped up their effort on leveraging AI to gain a competitive advantage. However, AI solution comes with its own challenges and risk, particularly in regulated industries. There have been numerous instances when AI introduced bias. Organizations must use a balanced approach to accelerating the adoption of AI and prioritize AI governance to ensure trust in the AI system. While AI regulation landscape is still evolving, now is the time for organizations to start taking steps to understand and mitigate AI risks. Responsible AI framework provides guidelines around AI governance for building fair, transparent, ethical, and accountable AI solutions. In this session you will learn about how organizations can follow Responsible AI guidelines and operationalize trust in AI solutions by incorporating AI governance throughout the AI/ML life cycle.