FEATURED TALK (API): Hypermedia API for Secure, Seamless User Authentication

Travis Spencer
Curity, CEO

Travis has worked extensively with organizations in various industries in both the US, Europe, and elsewhere who are adopting cloud and mobile computing. His broad market exposure coupled with a background in application development allows him to help organizations with low-level technical issues as well high-level questions. His deep knowledge of legacy standards like SAML, WS-* and XACML coupled with current best practices such as REST, SCIM, OpenID and OAuth provides him with a unique and cutting-edge perspective on digital identity and access management. He is currently the CEO of Curity, the leading supplier of API-driven identity management, providing unified security for digital services.

In this talk, Travis Spencer, CEO at Curity, will explain what a hypermedia API is and how it can be applied to the problem of login. He will explain how hypermedia is an architectural pattern that lends itself to exposing the state machine that a user transitions through when authenticating. Travis will also show how such an API allows seamless, browser-less integration of authentication into mobile and single-page applications. The demonstration that he performs will show these concepts in a real-world scenario. He will discuss the security challenges involved in creating such an API, and leave the audience with resources, websites, and open-source examples where they can go to learn more.