KEYNOTE (API): ADP -- One Size Doesn't Fit All - Building Contextualized API Specifications

Boris Vernoff
ADP, Chief Data Architect - API Data Governance

Boris has been working in the Application and Data Architecture space for the past 14 years. During his tenure with ADP (last 8 years), he has worked as a part of the ADP Innovation Labs API Initiative to define the API specifications and standards across extremely diversified ADP Business Ecosystems. Currently, Boris leads the API Governance team within the ADP Enterprise Architecture to promote the API First design principles and ensure a consistent API model across the Enterprise

In today’s complicated application landscape, the APIs are the foundation of any integration as well as digital transformation, and the API specifications are quickly becoming a very important component of a company's public image. Many large companies (including ADP) expose a broad variety of capabilities targeted to different consumers and the API specifications should be flexible enough to reflect different usage contexts, i.e., geo-political, industry specific, level/tier of service, etc This session focuses on creating and exposing contextualized API specifications that may include different operations, parameter obligation, customized descriptions / examples and potentially, different subsets of the same schema, depending on access entitlements of the consumers accessing the API Portal. The “design” view could also be combined with the runtime discovery of additional API “metadata”, thus allowing API providers for a greater flexibility exposing their API specifications to different consumers.