KEYNOTE (API): Fiserv -- A Fintech's Journey to Microservices

Clint Myers
Fiserv, Vice President, Architecture / CTO - Account Processing

With more than twenty-five years of software experience, Clint has a passion for integration and technical transformation at the enterprise level. He is currently leading Fiserv’s strategic Open Banking initiative as a platform for creating a global marketplace for financial services, streaming, and specialized apps for aggregation, fraud detection, analytics, etc.

Clint is also responsible for the banking architecture and infrastructure that powers a multi-billion-dollar business and greater Fortune 200 company. He has a long track record of maximizing ROI by reducing cost, decreasing time to market, and improving quality via microservices and cloud native.

Prior to Fiserv, Clint was the Chief Architect for ADP’s mid and up market businesses that generated around 3 billion dollars of revenue each. During his tenure, the company doubled the number of clients and increased client satisfaction scores by more than 40%.

APIs are no longer a nice to have, they are the lifeblood of a modern organization. Whether powering integrations or building user interfaces, APIs are a part of our everyday lives. This session is about Fiserv’s personal journey moving far beyond traditional APIs into the realm of microservices.We will discuss the business and technical drivers that launched our journey and will share our learnings and experiences along the way.