KEYNOTE (API): Noname Security -- Securing APIs in a Cloud-First World

Mark Campbell
Noname Security, Sr. Dir of Product Marketing

Passionate about cybersecurity, Mark has spent the last 20 years bringing new security solutions to market. Mark currently leads product marketing for Noname Security, helping our customers address the business and security challenges associated with Digital Transformation and the explosive growth of APIs. Mark holds a M.S. in Cyber Security Operations & Leadership and is a frequent speaker at cybersecurity events and conferences.

APIs are central to digital transformation. Public cloud adoption and cloud-native designs capitalize on APIs as a foundational building block. Meanwhile, Gartner predicts that APIs will become the most frequently targeted attack vector by 2022.

This discussion will highlight strategies for security and risk management of the modern API ecosystem — API discovery and inventory, API cyber attack prevention, API misconfiguration detection, and continuous API vulnerability identification and testing.

We’ll share best practices for orchestration across business, technology, and security teams to empower API-centric business and technology strategies with a shared, complete picture of API risks from code to production.