KEYNOTE (API): Ping Identity -- Ensuring Access to Digital Identities

Richard Bird
Ping Identity, Chief Customer Information Officer

An internationally recognized data privacy and identity-centric security expert, Richard leverages his diverse experiences as Chief Information Officer for Ping Identity and former Global Head of Identity & Access Management for JP Morgan Chase to challenge our notions about cybersecurity. He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council, a board member of the Identity Defined Security Alliance, and the host of the Hello, USER podcast. While he probably isn’t the most tattooed person in cyber security today, he’s at least in the top 5%.

Ping Identity is part of the Decentralized Identity Foundation, which aims to develop an open ecosystem for decentralized management of digital identities and ensure interoperability between all participants. Richard can discuss how the foundation is helping people gain control of their online identities and why an open-standards based approach to identity management is the key to better privacy, lower fraud, and a more ethical user experience.