(MICROSERVICES): Enrich Your Service-to-Service Communication with Web-Assembly

Adam Sayah
Solo.io, Field Engineer

Adam Sayah is Field Engineer at Solo.io, a company specializing in open source and enterprise software for application networking from the edge to service mesh. At Solo.io, Adam helps organizations build and operate robust cloud-native architecture. Prior to Solo.io, Adam held software engineering roles at cloud-native technology companies, working on Managed File Transfers, Kubernetes, API gateways, and service mesh.

Service mesh has been a great solution to resolve some of the issues introduced by the microservice architecture by providing service to service tracing, security, client-side routing, and more, but every company is different, thus a need for the extra mile service-to-service communication customization. In this talk we will explore how to customize the communication between services using webassembly and envoy: - Quick Introduction to webassembly and envo - Building a webassembly filter - Deploying a web webassembly filter between multiple services- Debugging a webassembly filter