OPEN TALK (AI): Making the World Smaller with NLP: Using AI to Link Data and Make it Easier for Machines (and Humans) to Understand

Brian Munz, Product Manager, NL API & Developer Experience

Brian is the product manager of the NL API & DX at He spends his days working to best bring the powerful capabilities of's natural language processing into the world of developers. Eons ago, he started his working life as a developer in Pharma and e-commerce before moving into the data space, working in developer relations and product.

When not wrestling with APIs, Brian spends his time hanging out with family & friends, woodworking, playing and listening to music, and generally wandering through the woods of Pennsylvania. Brian is also a board member of We See Hope USA ( and is passionate about the importance and value of corporate social responsibility.

Linked Data and the Semantic Web have come a long way in helping to achieve a world that is more understandable to computers, but unstructured data can still be especially challenging when trying to extract concepts and metadata into standardized concepts.  In this presentation, you will learn about the background of Linked Data (JSON-LD in particular) and how natural language processing can be used to help take advantage of this increasingly important effort.  From more easily enhancing the SEO of a website, to making your application more interoperable, natural language processing can make your projects better understood by humans and machines alike.