OPEN TALK (AI): MLOps with Big Tech Cloud and AI Players Today, and Tomorrow

AI DevWorld -- Main Stage
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Cheong Ang
UCSF Health, IBM, Led tech #innovation

I am a client-focused CTO and director of products with Healthcare expertise. I love to discuss technology and processes that power digital transformation, from Cloud and AI to Remote Patient Monitoring.

More about me:

* Consulted for product and business strategies at IBM, Konica Minolta, San Francisco General Hospital Innovation Hub, and several startups.

* Brought an AI Assistant for Chronic Care Management to multiple paying customers, serving over 40,000 patients, starting from opportunity assessment, customer development, team building, design and development, to deployment and support.

* Grew business and raised funds via 500Startups, an extremely competitive startup accelerator with 1% acceptance rate. My Demo Day Pitch of the traction:

* Speaker at HIMSS and other conferences, and writer for on AI in Healthcare Workflows. Mentor of 2 Nasdaq Entrepreneurship Center startups.

* Hands-on full-stack tech lead and programmer of systems for Web, Mobile, Connected Devices, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics.

* Co-invented patented technologies licensed to Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, etc. at UCSF Health.

You know the AI models deployed in production will need to be monitored and updated. It probably does not surprise you that not everyone does so, and that some large bank with thousands of production models doesn’t quite know where all its AI models are, let alone monitor them. But MLOps goes beyond monitoring models to data engineering to driving business objectives. In this session, we will see how Big Tech Cloud and AI players like Azure and AWS enable MLOps today, and what more we can expect to see.