OPEN TALK (AI): Operationalizing Machine Learning Models for Enterprises

AI DevWorld -- Main Stage
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Shikhar Kwatra
IBM, AI Architect

Shikhar Kwatra works as a Data & AI Architect in IBM with primary focus on Operationalizing AI models as core ML-Ops Leader. He pursued his Master's in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University. He is recognized as the Youngest Indian Master inventor with over 350 Filed Patents and Inventions in the areas of AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain, Drones, Pervasive Wireless, Quantum Computing etc. He also holds the title of one of the youngest Academy of Technology members in IBM. He focuses his spare time on exploring AI-IoT technologies and leverages his technical background to work on new ideas with the aim to inspire every engineer to think from an inventive mindset.

Session will focus on defining Machine Learning (ML) operational models and how enterprises can leverage it through a framework of governance and model risk management to unlock value. Operationalization is essential to realizing the business value of ML models. We will also overlay the paradigm of DevOps on ML lifecycle management including infusing automated validation of model, removing bias and measurement using KPI's. Example framework and architecture of an ML operational model in action will be showcased, including a starter toolkit.