OPEN TALK (AI): The Dawn of AI-Augmented Software Development

AI DevWorld -- Main Stage
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António Alegria
OutSystems, Head of AI

António Alegria has done it all. Well, not quite, but he’s done a lot. He’s worked as a researcher, engineer, data scientist, and product manager but it’s in artificial intelligence that he found his true passion. After 10 years of building massive, data-intensive, machine learning-powered products, António joined OutSystems as the Head of Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the way software is built.

Too often, “AI-capable” refers to marketing claims instead of practical value add. For this reason, developers tend to be skeptical about AI-driven development. Slapdash application of AI ends up diminishing developer’s creativity and effectiveness. When implemented in inventive, unique ways, AI dramatically improves the productivity of developers and opens up new opportunities for creativity – especially when applied to cloud app development.  Beyond the initial development process, AI has the potential to completely transform the entire application lifecycle by eliminating guesswork and repetitive tasks. AI ensures teams are better equipped to manage application dependencies and ensure that regardless of what changes are made, applications never break and are able to seamlessly adapt to inevitable change. AI-supported development democratizes access to advanced tech, making it possible for any IT team – even the lean, mean ones – to build serious apps. Essentially, AI in the DevOps cycle enables developers to shift-left the quality assurance in a more guided and automated way by assisting them at critical phases in the application building process. Instead of finding problems in production, developers are able to identify them while in the midst of the development lifecycle, so they can remain focused on innovating the best solution rather than the intricacies of hand-coding. Pairing AI with visual, model-driven development allows guidance to be both more powerful and less obtrusive and can compress CI/CD pipelines into days or even hours, instead of weeks.  As the Head of AI at OutSystems, António has seen firsthand how quickly developers can change their minds after experiencing the speed and creativity AI enables as a complement to traditional development. In this session, he will provide insight on the three most fundamental design decisions regarding integrating AI into an application platform based on OutSystems experience analyzing models based on tens of millions of application graphs and flows, and explore the implications for improving cloud development productivity by 100x. OutSystems serves enterprise customers like Deloitte, which developed a voice to text tool with deep analysis integrated to capture more accurate notes between advisors and their clients.