OPEN TALK (API): Adding Security Controls to the API Jungle

Mark Campbell
Noname Security, Sr. Dir of Product Marketing

Passionate about cybersecurity, Mark has spent the last 20 years bringing new security solutions to market. Mark currently leads product marketing for Noname Security, helping our customers address the business and security challenges associated with Digital Transformation and the explosive growth of APIs. Mark holds a M.S. in Cyber Security Operations & Leadership and is a frequent speaker at cybersecurity events and conferences.

Andre Kerstens
Noname Security, Senior Solution Architect

Andre Kerstens is a Senior Solution Architect with Noname Security specializing in all things Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Andre has touched on all aspects of technical computing in his 20 year career, from programming to storage to compute to networking and last but not least the exciting world of cyber-security. He’s pretty crazy (as in crazy interested) about cloud infrastructure and loves spending time on securing and automating workloads in the cloud. Andre holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

The “API First” mantra is great for business innovation, but the end result can often be a wild jungle of APIs that leaves your security team scrambling to ensure adequate API controls are in place to safeguard the business. In this session, we’ll cover a practical strategy to help implement API security across the organization from development through run-time and threat remediation. You’ll see a demonstration of the tools and techniques that, when used with the right methodology, can help your team tame the API jungle.