OPEN TALK (API): Communicating the Integration Value

Gabriel Fumagalli
LinkApi, Co-founder and COO

Gabriel has been providing technology solutions for business for 16 years and has worked for companies such as IBM, GXS and Taboola.Dedicated for 7 years helping foreign startups enter Brazil, co-founded LinkApi, a complete integration platform, a solution that today makes up the Semantix product line.

In a world with countless software and systems that need to be connected, the management of integrations becomes necessary and, at the same time, a great challenge for companies. Therefore, it is necessary to measure how good integration management can improve and optimize productivity, accelerate your digital transformation and enable the creation of new digital solutions for the company.
In this lecture, you will see some examples of integration problems, effective ways to solve these integration issues, some frequently asked business questions. Finally we will discuss a practical framework demonstrating the value of such a solution to the bottom line of the business sharing some use-cases with an integration platform.