OPEN TALK (API): Creating a DBaaS Is All about APIs

David Gilardi
DataStax, Developer Advocate

David Gilardi is a Developer Advocate at DataStax and a total nerd for distributed databases. He has over 20 years of relevant experience in programming, database administration, cloud, server/network monitoring, and analytics. Before his time at DataStax he was Senior Development Manager at Hobsons, an education services company, responsible for a flagship SaaS CRM product deployed on hybrid cloud using a combination of relational and NoSQL database technologies.

A few years ago DataStax launched a new offering of Cassandra-as-a-service in the cloud named ASTRA ( You might think that starting databases from web pages would have nothing to do with APIs, well you are wrong.

During this session we will go over the different APIs that have been designed, how and why. Most choices made will be detailed covering wide categories such as technology, languages, interface, versioning, maintenance or billing. The tooling needed to make your product a success (SDK, CLI, Terraform...) will be also presented. No surprises, the platform leverages on cloud providers services and API. Come and learn why a DBaaS is just an API calling other APIs.