OPEN TALK (API): How APIs Drive Modern App Development

Robert Wunderlich
Oracle, Product Strategy Director

Robert Wunderlich is leading the charge to make API Management a core capability of cloud-native development with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Over his 23+ years at Oracle, he has delivered solutions within Enterprise Resource Planning applications, Application Integration and SOA, and API Platforms. Throughout his tenure, he has held different roles from supporting customers, to software development, leading engineering teams, and as a Product Manager. His experience has taught him that API Management is critical to delivering enterprise systems that meet the needs of business and provide the most value through security, reusability and being able to reach more developers.

In this new world, enterprises are acting more like startups. As enterprises seek to meet their customer’s needs, get an edge on their competitors, and help their employees achieve outstanding results, they need to re-imagine how they implement their technology. Modern App Development provides a framework to help developers build highly available, resilient, fully secure, and compliant apps. APIs are a key element of this framework that cross the boundary of traditional integration, to modern app development. In this session, we will outline the Modern App Development Framework with core requirements, design principles and architecture patterns. We will share some of our experience from our journey modernizing enterprise applications with APIs. We discuss where we are in the journey and offer some insights on the evolution of APIs.