OPEN TALK (API): Managing Asynchronous APIs

Lasantha Samarakoon
WSO2, Associate Technical Lead

Lasantha is an Associate Technical Lead of WSO2 and works as part of the API Manager product team.Before joining the API Manager team, he worked with several product teams at WSO2 including WSO2 Dashboard Server, Platform, Analytics and Streaming Integrator. In the API Manager, he was part of the team who implemented Asynchronous APIs in the API Manager.

Polling-based APIs or the RESTful APIs were the main building blocks of traditional integration stories. But with the need to respond to events in real-time, integration architecture has shifted from being polling-based to event-driven. With the emergence of reactive event-driven architecture, the asynchronous APIs were able to hold their distinct position in modern-day integrations.
Even though the event-driven APIs provide their own advantages such as high resiliency, high responsiveness, and more, management of asynchronous APIs continues to be a challenge to the organizations.
The Async API specification plays a major role in the event-driven world by providing a specification to describe and document the asynchronous APIs. This session will explore the entire flow from creating an asynchronous API to exposing it as a managed API by adhering to the Async API specification.