OPEN TALK (API): Product Manager’s Extra Credit Guide to Building an A++ Enterprise API

Kyle Fowler
Foursquare, Director of the Developer and Consumer Experience team

Kyle Fowler is the Director of the Developer and Consumer Experience team at Foursquare. Kyle and his team are responsible for the Foursquare developer tools, such as Pilgrim SDK and the Places APIs, as well as Foursquare's owned-and-operated consumer apps, Swarm, City Guide and Rewards. 

Foursquare presents the Product Manager's Extra Credit guide to building an A++ Enterprise API. Building an exceptional enterprise API is no easy feat. Earlier this year, Foursquare launched the new Places Enterprise API, built from the foundation of our renowned Developer API. In this session, we'll take you through every step of the process to create a delivery method that can meet enterprise standards and upgrade the developer experience - from understanding your customer's UX criteria and auditing the performance and security of your API infrastructure, to best SLA practices and everything in between.