OPEN TALK (API): Unlocking Your Next Generation Application with Analytics, AI and Automation

Dan Romuald Mbanga
AWS, Head of Product Strategy, Machine Learning

Dan is a product leader in the Artificial Intelligence space working for AWS for the last 8 years with key contributions to defining, building, launching, and scaling Machine Learning (ML), Big Data and Analytics, and Quantum Computing platforms on the cloud. Dan lead business and technical initiatives involving Amazon Quantum Computing and AI platforms such as Amazon Braket, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon HealthLake, Amazon CLI for Genomics. He works with AWS customers globally, as well as internal AWS stakeholders across the R&D, Data Science, Product Development, Marketing, Sales and Technical Support divisions so that customers using AWS technologies achieve success in their cloud endeavors.

Do you want to take your next generation application to the next level? Have you ever wondered how you can use analytics, Artificial Intelligence and automation to build a better customer experience? Come join us at this session to see how.