PRO TALK (API): Chatbots with Telephony Integration

Amanda Cavallaro
Vonage, Developer Advocate

Amanda Cavallaro is an Italo-Brazilian developer advocate @ Vonage. She is a Google Developers Expert for the Google assistant who is passionate about cloud technologies, JavaScript, human-computer interactions and ambient computing and a love of learning. You can speak to her in Portuguese, English, Italian and a little Japanese.

In this session we will see how to assign a phone number to a chatbot created using Dialogflow, Google Cloud Platform, Node.Js and the Vonage API integrations. The architecture shown will allow the user to call your agent by phone with a user experience similar or equal to that possible via the web.You can use Dialogflow and Google Cloud Platform for many reasons, we can create interactions to be used within your own communities, may it be a conversational application for families, companies, sports; to help workflows for both customers and businesses. Sometimes it can be a bad thing to talk to an automated conversation, if it is not well-designed.These pieces of technology can also help you escalate the conversation to a real human, as it can help you detect when human intervention is needed by using the ability of sentiment analysis, leveraging both sides of AI and Machine Learning in one computer-human interaction platform!