PRO TALK (API): Metamorphosis: Event-Driven Revolution is Evolution

Alianna Inzana
API Product Leader

Ali is a speaker and product leader in the API space. Most recently, she ran the API Testing & Virtualization team at SmartBear. Her career has spanned institutional finance, energy, cyber security, and has led her to building the software that makes those other platforms possible. Her product management SuperPower is asking weird questions at the right moment.

Event-driven architectures are not new - but the way they are used, documented, and specified has matured significantly in the past few years. The drivers behind the EDA Revolution are varied: the explosion of microservices, the advent of 'real-time' interaction models, and the creation of tooling and specifications to design, document, govern, implement, test, and monitor event-driven systems. What can we learn from our journey with RESTful APIs about the future of event-driven architecture in our organizations? What role do asynchronous services play in delivering value in our organizations?