PRO WORKSHOP (API): Making APIs the Default: Enabling Everybody to Think the API Way

Erik Wilde
Axway, Catalyst

Erik supports companies on their digital journeys by helping them with their strategy and programs. Based on his background in computer science his focus is on technology. With his extensive experience when it comes to API initiatives within companies, however, he also focuses on business and organizational issues. Erik is a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide, publishes regularly in a variety of places, and is active in standardization efforts.

APIs are much more than technology. It becomes increasingly apparent that by only focusing on their technology aspects, you're missing out on the biggest opportunities that APIs create for your organization and your business. In our work with large organizations we have realized that one essential aspect of realizing the value proposition of APIs is to API-enable all of the organization. This is particularly important for product managers, who need to start thinking about every single product of an organization as a digital building block. We present our way of how we make sure that "Thinking the API Way" becomes the default for everybody in the line of business. Because in the end, the value of APIs critically depends on how much of an organization's business and value chains are exposed using APIs. Only then it becomes possible to benefit from the loose coupling and the increased velocity that APIs can deliver.