PRO WORKSHOP (API): Performance Testing with Gatling

API World -- PRO Stage 2
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Yan Matagne
koho, Senior Developer Manager

After a couple of years focus on architecture and automate processes, I moved to the management side with the goal of helping people to grow. Still passionated by all the cloud architecture, I'm sharing my knowledge around it.

Rayhaneh Banyassady
koho, Senior Software Developer

I am a software engineer with a passion for quality, and have recently taken an interest in the role of performance testing in building resilient systems. I currently work at KOHO focusing on revolutionizing Canada's banking industry. My background is in scientific computing in aerospace engineering. I lead the Women Who Go chapter in Toronto. My current favorite book is "Quiet". I love to hike, camp in the backcountry and travel.

We recently built an in-house ledger in KOHO to reduce our dependence on a third-party payment processor. This change resulted in the addition of a few high traffic endpoints to our system which touch payment operations, the core functionality of our product. As a result, we expect these endpoints to be always available, fast, secure and reliable. To make sure everything is battle-tested and ready for tens of millions of requests from thousands of customers every day, we have rigorously stress-tested these endpoints.This talk will focus on describing how to successfully run a stress test on your API. We will start with a brief overview of stress testing, some well-known available tools and different types of performance testing techniques. Then, we will explore how to find the root cause of your performance problem. Stress tests are helpful when the test traffic is as identical as possible to the load in the production environment. So, we will also talk about how to gather usage data from your API. We will continue the talk by sharing our decision process of choosing a stress testing tool for our Go API and how to interpret the reporting of these tools. We will finish the workshop by giving you a set of practical steps to utilize stress testing for performance improvement of your projects.