Wednesday, November 2, 2022

[#VIRTUAL] OPEN TALK (API): Optimizing Journeys: Waypoints, Matrix and Route Planning APIs
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Jose Jose Rojas Ealo
Jose Jose Rojas Ealo
TomTom, Developer Advocate TomTom Maps APIs

Since the explosion in the on-demand services around the world, the search for the best ETA provider is on!
Usually the TomTom Routing APIs would be used to plan and create routes for diverse vehicles and lots of restrictions, but with the Matrix Routing APIs to collect the distances and times for several locations, the product team thought that was enough to serve the industry, since we will always pair it with the Routing APIs.
Some months later we get feedback that clients were over using the API and making too many unnecessary calls to the backend, so we added a new end point for this specific use-case: the Waypoint Optimization,
This is the API design story from our developers and clients.