Thursday, November 3, 2022

[#VIRTUAL] PRO TALK (API): Mindset Change: Internal to External APIs
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Thothathri Srinivasan
Thothathri Srinivasan
Pinterest, Tech Lead

We've all built internal APIs, and at some point we decide to expose this out externally / build external APIs. This is a session designed to talk about the best practices and pitfalls when product managers and engineers design external facing APIs after having built mainly internal APIs.

What should we be more mindful of, why we need to rethink our data model, and how important is technical documentation for folks trying to integrate with your systems?

The success of a public facing API isn't just how many qps's you can handle, and security concerns -- its all about the ease for developers (like yourself!). I'll talk about my learnings, and what can help you design robust systems that developers will love integrating with. The easier it is for developers to integrate with your external API, the more successful your API becomes automatically.

I'll most importantly talk about how I've had to change my mindset after having built only internal product APIs (almost exclusively) previously, and how I've managed to move from APIs that were used for a few hundred updates into ones that can do billions of updates each day.