KEYNOTE (AI): -- AI Will Fuel 2023’s Innovation Explosion – What Can You Do Now?

AI DevWorld -- Main Stage

Brian Sathianathan, CTO

Brian Sathianathan is the Chief Technology Officer at Previously, Sathianathan worked at Apple on various emerging technology projects that included the Mac operating system and the first iPhone. 

2023 is the inflection point when a matured $98 billion AI market defines a truly new age of innovation for enterprises across industries. The convergence of several maturing technologies all now steering toward 2023 ubiquity – including 5G, IoT, blockchain, and low-code software platforms – will enable AI technologies to fast-track innovation to a degree that enterprises haven’t yet seen and enable wholly new customer experiences. Enterprises proficient with AI going into 2023 will wield a decisive competitive advantage; what do they need to be doing now?

Enterprises have just a one-year head start to prepare for the explosion in innovation that demonstrably more matured AI, combined with several other advances, will unlock. This talk offers attendees a crucial opportunity to understand the coming AI-led transformation, why 2023 is pivotal, and how to take steps now that position their businesses at the leading edge of these uniquely profound market changes.

Attendees of this presentation will come away with a clear picture of how AI will transform enterprise innovation, the advantages available to those that prepare appropriately, and how to accelerate AI strategies within their organizations. IDC predicts that once AI hits scale, AI-powered businesses will respond to customers and competitors 50% faster than competitors. Powered by tiny powerful AI chips – 50 can now fit on the head of a penny – products and sensors with localized edge-processing capabilities will do their own thinking. Countless AI interactions will contribute data in real-time, enabling new product experiences, rapid iteration of software solutions using low-code drag-and-drop development, IoT-powered backend and supply chain efficiency, and blockchain-secured digital identities and privacy. Ultimately, enterprises that take steps to become AI-ready today will command greater customer satisfaction and success tomorrow.