OPEN TALK (API): Using Inspiration to Drive a Great API Experience in AI/ML Products

Steven Baxter, Sr. Product Manager

Steven specializes in API product management and is a champion of API-first principles. At he focuses on making it easy for developers to leverage the power conversational artificial intelligence within their own projects through APIs. Prior to joining he worked at Postman as an API Platform product manager to help teams build and manage APIs across the development lifecycle, and before that at Hiya as API Solutions product manager delivering realtime spam/fraud protection and other services to voice calls around the world. He has designed and delivered both synchronous and asynchronous APIs, and has experience with various API design patterns, frameworks, and architectures like REST, SOAP, gRPC, GraphQL, and event-driven messaging. 

What separates a good API experience from a great one? Providing simplified, quick, secure and reliable access to data and functionality is, at best, the minimum expectations for a modern API product. The key moment that defines when a good API experience transcends into a great experience is that sudden moment of clarity and inspiration when a developer doesn't just see how an API solves the problem in front of them, but instead they now see how that API connects them into the realm of what's possible. It is from these irreplicable values that enable them to easily build apps and experiences they cannot otherwise build. With advances in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning, developers now have the ability to use AI products to explore further into the areas of what's possible than ever before and APIs are the gateway to take them there.
So how does the API experience inspire users, and why is this so important for AI Products? Join me in my session to take a deeper look into the various critical aspects of designing and building an API-first conversation AI platform that processes and comprehends unstructured natural human conversation data, and why accounting for inspiration across the API lifecycle is essential for enabling developers to unlock the true potential of these systems.