OPEN TALK (API): APIs: The Target of Multi-Mode Attacks

Bret Settle
ThreatX, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Bret has served in multiple executive roles for Corporate Express/Staples and BMC Software. He has extensive knowledge of the software development and security products industries. Bret has been responsible for enterprise security in multiple roles and has been an innovator throughout his career. His proven track record of building and developing high performing organizations and dynamic cyber security teams helps ThreatX deliver AppSec services that meet enterprise needs.

APIs are a two-edged sword: They expose business functionality and allow easy and powerful integration between back-end systems, but they also provide attackers with more attack surface, and through that, grant visibility into the back-end functions of an application.

As API use increases, so do security risks. Securing APIs against sophisticated, multi-mode attacks requires organizations to automatically detect attacker behavior and block in real-time. During this session ThreatX’s co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Bret Settle will walk step by step through the attack behavior being seen in multi-mode attacks and how those strategies are targeting APIs more than ever.