PRO TALK (API): Realizing Blockchain Scalability with an Open API Standard

API World -- Workshop Stage A

E.G. Galano
Infura, Co-Founder

E.G. Galano is the Co-Founder of Infura, an infrastructure-as-a-service with more than 430K active users, that provides scalable Ethereum infrastructure and developer APIs. He previously was the Director of Site Reliability at Los Angeles based hotel software start-up KEYPR, and an early employee of cloud gaming company Gaikai which was acquired by Sony in 2012. 

For developers interested in the decentralized Web, or Web3, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms can pave the way to a frictionless and scalable developer experience. Opting for an open API standard encourages integration due to ease of implementation while facilitating interoperability.
In this session, E.G. Galano will discuss those best practices when developing the infrastructure for blockchain APIs, how to battletest API infrastructure at scale and how to build a reliable API that appeals to both developers and enterprises. This session will explore open API capabilities that will drive adoption.